Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Heiko Gimperlein
Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Department of Mathematics
Edinburgh EH14 4AS
phone: (0044) 131 451 - 8293
email: h.gimperlein at

Information about lectures and activities

Office hours: by appointment (room CMS.19)
or send an email to h.gimperlein at

2019/20 (Edinburgh)

2018/19 (Edinburgh)

2017/18 (Edinburgh)

2016/17 (Edinburgh)

2015/16 (on leave to Paderborn)

2014/15 (Edinburgh)

2013/2014 (Edinburgh)
  • Semester 2: Numerical Analysis A
  • Semester 2: advisor for B.Sc. projects of J. Askill, F. Sands and D. Stark
  • Summer: advisor for M.Sc. projects of D. Baruah, H. Martin (ENS Rennes), M. Nelson (AIMS) and Kh. Mohamed (AIMS), Carnegie Vacation Scholarship of D. Stark
  • Conference Boundary Integral Equations - Analysis and Computation (ICMS)

2012/2013 (København)

2011/2012 (København)

2010/2011 (København)

WS 2009/10 (Hannover)

SS 2009 (Hannover)

WS 2008/09
  • in Berkeley

SS 2008 (Hannover)

WS 2007/08 (Hannover)

SS 2007 (Hannover)

WS 2006/07 (Hannover)


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